Guitar # 1


My name is Fred Solomon. Believe it or not, I was a dentist for 40 years and recently retired. I had a reputation with my patients and my peers for attention to detail. In the dental world, I often worked at a scale down to .01 mm and this attention to detail transferred nicely to lutherie. Before my interest in electric guitar design and construction I made a host of woodworking projects ranging from a cedar strip canoe, wall cabinets, dining table, Lutyens bench etc.

My goal is to create novel guitar designs that play and sound great. I strive for a clean look using only the best materials. I enjoy designing custom circuits for the pickups so I am happy to design whatever you prefer. What I most enjoy about lutherie is the continuous need to expand my knowledge base and fine tune my skills. This was also what I enjoyed the most about practicing dentistry.

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